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Swiss Pro Slalom 

$10'000 Cash Prize

 General information

Date                      Sunday, May 8th 2016

Location               Swiss Waterski Resort, Clermont, Florida, USA

Event                     Slalom

Divisions              Open Men & Open Women only

Boat                      2016 Nautique 200 – 5.3 liters / Zero Off

Format                  2 rounds & Cash Prize finals:

                               Open Men           Top 8

                               Open Women    Top 4


Accomodation     Swiss Vacation Houses / Phone: 352 429 2178


Cash Prize                Open Men                 Open Women

1st place                     $3’000                       $2’000

2nd place                    $2’000                       $1’500

3rd place                    $1’000                       $   500


Total                           $6’000                       $ 4’000


Tournament schedule

First round                8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Second round          1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Finals                         6:00 pm to 7 :30 pm

Open Women followed by Open Men

Prize Ceremony       8:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Event registration

First 40 entries which must include:

  • Official USA Waterski entry form*
  • Official USA Waterski waiver form*
  • Entry fee payment of $200

(*documents can be uploaded on

Incomplete entries will not be accepted and closing is on May 1st, 2016.


email entries to or mail to:

Swiss Waterski Resort                              web      

13114 Skiing Paradise Blvd.                     email    

Clermont, FL 34711 – USA                       facebook       Swiss Waterski Resort

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Freddy Winter and Nate are the only ones at 41 that finish the turn before the rope comes tight. They are carrying enough speed to finish without the support of the rope. The rest are having to finish the turn with the rope coming on, and thus can't get the ski enough in front of them. 
Interesting to watch....It would appear like Nate and Fred realize there is no backsiding the ball at 41; it's merely a point in the turn, and not really the apex.
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Well at 41 the ball simply can't be a turn apex because you have to be fully extended to clear the buoy. So all of the turn is completed after the ball, that is true.

And it's a bit like a switch - as soon as the binders meet the ball, the turn must start, instinctively, automatically.  There is no time to think. The ski must come back under the skier, with basically perfect timing, or you fall.   

So the keys to 41 are balance and symmetry.

It's like standing on the center point of a teeter totter and you can't fall back or get too forward.  The water pressure must stay in the right spot, under the front foot, so the turn can be negotiated.  After that, you have to be symmetrical enough to have width on both sides of the course. 

We saw quite a few skiers get good one balls only to come up short at 2.

It's quite the zone to be able to run a 41 pass. The Swiss site is friendly water. Nate has an advantage, his window of opportunity is a bit wider due to his low weight/reach. That light weight gives him a few mS before loss of support occurs, the ski keeps moving a bit more for him. And Smith-Jesus' symmetry is best ever imo.

Freddie is amazing in a more traditional way.  

The Clown
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The Clown
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Solid,look up apex.
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the point being...the sharpest point of the arc is well after the ball, and you have to have sufficient speed/balance on the ski to not need the rope much at this point...And not have that rope pulling on you at this point. 
Those 2 are so much more done with the turn before the rope gets much tension on it.
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I guess if you did an overhead, true the apex is close if not at the ball. I had a look at video and it looks that way. 

But if you ever have done turns at 41 off, it sure doesn't feel that way.

If you come off of one with the ski under you, it's pretty cool. The pull is short and then it's like there's no predicting what's gonna happen next. 

Be nice to be able to break down parts of the extreme passes but I don't think there is a way to do that. 
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Seriously: look up the definition of apex.
I have "done turns" at 41
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I don't know what you are on about. I think you need to understand what an apex is. It's a loose term. Some racers might define the apex at different of points on any given corner, for example.  

So if it is the innermost point of a line taken through a curve, tell us then how does the ball define that at 41 off? Mark it up on a overhead pix. 

apex or clipping point is the innermost point of the line taken through a curve. Theapex is often, but not always, the geometric center of the turn. Hitting the apex allows the vehicle to take the straightest line and maintain the highest speed through that specific corner."
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The rope is a little short, so the apex is at the ball

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