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would you be able to post the whole jump event from collegiate nationals if you can?
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Here it is
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Gift Idea?
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Hey Tony,

Here's something that I just thought about that I'd like to have: I was at nationals in 2011 and skied. At first I thought "I'd like to have a copy of just my announced slalom trick and jump runs." Then I thought "my girlfriend skied there too, I bet she'd like a copy as a cool Christmas gift." Then I thought, well all of my teammates were there and maybe I could relive the fun we all had at nationals last year."

Would you be willing to put something like that together? I know there'd be time that goes into cutting out just my team from the webcast. But if you had all the video archived somewhere I bet there's more than just me that would be willing to pay a small fee for a service you could offer.

Possibly in the future you could offer to do a collegiate "team DVD" during nationals registration so that you could place "bookmarks" to make it easier to put together down the road.

I'm sure there'll be plenty of hemming and hawing about how you've already been paid for the webcast. But what I'm asking for is extra work to go into archived video and put a DVD or something together. So save it Nay-sayers!

Let me know!
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