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jeff surdej
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what are people using for trick timers outside of the computer trick timing system used in record events with video

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There may still be some units around that were made by Pat Morris some years back.

I have one of them, and it still works just fine for local events.

Dave Robbins (from Maine) has a timer that he made; I don't know if you could get one from him.

?Presumably looking for something that is a step above a stopwatch and horn for Collegiate?
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The one I made (actually I made 2 ) had a single chip do the timing and had clock internal as well as a divide by xxxx all in one.

That chip went obsolete

I have found another, but requires additional external circuits.

Would consider building a bunch this winter if enough demand.

Hand held, about 2.5" x 3.5 'x 6"
totally self contained
2 x 9 volt batteries
Ultra loud
probably $100 - $120 due to low volumes hand built, guessing

jeff surdej
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Bob Mayhew
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I'll take one at that price!

Camilo Espinel
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I'll take one as well

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so is that enough, do we have a deal?

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I'll start work on it around mid-Novemebr when I stop skiing for the year.
I did find my drawings to the existing unit (with obso chip)

Once I have the basic board, I'll get a list of options such as;

Hand-held all-in-one will be standard

remote located horn (It's wicked loud) optional
Battery 2x9volt or plug-in 12V or wall adapter optional

Multi judge input, start on 2/3 or 3/5, MAYBE

Grand Funk Railroad
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Whistle $2-$20
Stop watch $5-$50
$7.00 gets you into a low budget trick timer provided the user is smart enough to use it!
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hand held times are in the Water SKi Hall of Fame invented by Ralph Samuelson in 19freakin28.

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Grand Funk Railroad, I agree.

Just don't be looking at the stopwatch while you are pinning
Even if you are using a pull to retain release

Also in class C tournaments, we are often short of officials
An electronic timer allows a judge to time & call concurrently.
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I respectfully disagree. Hand held times tend to be all over the place. 18 sec, 20 sec, 22 sec - who knows what they're going to get? Daves unit will honk 20 secs from the time it's started every time.

Jefferson Airplane
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"what are people using for trick timers outside of the computer trick timing system used in record events with video"

The answer is nothing! For record REL everyone is utilizing a camera and playback far and away from the skier. Skier skis by the GREEN bouy, Video from the boat is started, skier finishes and after a half a dozen cycles thru skiers video is picked up and gets installed into computor and three senior judges or combination their of plays back and timing is then acheived.

Class C is another matter and who cares about spot on timing as most of the judges in C events are not really sure what their looking at anyway!! Again a stop watch and a whistle is good low tech solution. 
Steve Nelson
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Dave -

I will also take one if you have the time to make them up.

Steve Nelson
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Terry Jones out of Canada makes an awesome trick timer.  Small and compact, just hit the button to start and it beeps at 20 seconds.  $50 US shipped to your door.  Email me and I will send his contact info.  We have two or three of these floating around Iowa. 

I would tend to disagree about who cares at a class C tournament if the time is exactly right or not.  There are a lot of good skiers that ski at class C tournaments all year long.  Maybe not going to set any records, but still it is nice to know if you can get your pass in time or not.  Otherwise I have seen so many people go to regionals and nationals and get 2 or 3 tricks cut because they were out of time but at many of the past tournaments the whole run would be in time.  I feel that a class C should be ran as close to a record as possible, just minus all of the tech stuff, aka slalom gate cameras and video trick.  Just my thoughts!

Bansen Elkins
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Please send the information on the trick timers. Thank you
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