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Concerned Parent
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I am not sure how many people are aware just how close the site for the U21 Worlds is to the trouble in Crimea, it is approximately 80miles. I was wondering just how many people will let their children attend if selected to go, I have heard that the US won't be sending a team, is this true?

I for one will have to think carefully over whether I send my son!!
no need to go
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so are we doomed to only have world championships oragnised by people only for the sake of buying a gold medal to their local skiers ?

after years in chile and peru watch for a new batch of world champs in ukraine...
for f@#$%s sake
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I am so tired of hearing this "buying medals for their kids" argument from the jealous haters out there.

1) The way I see it, our sport is in no position to be turning down anyone who is willing to put in the time, effort and money it takes to host a world-class event. If people are willing to do this, god bless them. 

And 2) last time I checked, extra buoys weren't awarded for the kids of organizers. These kids work just as hard as any other kids and disparaging their accomplishments is pretty low, coming from supposed "adults." 

daddy warbucks
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check your facts , money does make wonders , it can buy a trick or two , even the next morning , it can buy a slalom reride , it can also earn you a black eye if you question a bogus reride , it gets you to perform in front of your house , with your own boat , make sure that your driver is the one who will get the iwwf appointment ... etc etc ...

so yes , home field advantage and all the other small details is what will get you the gold ... ever questionned why a former world overall champion has never ever won anything away from his home site ?!?

what makes me sick is that because of the shape of the sport as an excuse , our federation and officials act like cheap whores and sell out what is left of the little dignity our sport has ...
moose hunter
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Daddy Warbucks,

give us some examples?

What have you done to contribute to international water skiing?
daddy warbucks
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I did refuse to take a bribe once ... then didnt get invited again , does that count ?!?
moose hunter
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when was this and it which tournament if you don't mind me asking?
You're all a joke
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Thanks for ruining a legitimate thread about something that actually matters with utter pointless comments!!!
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not a whole lot going on over there now. That was all about Russia getting that port access to the Black Sea. They now have it and won't be turning it loose anytime in the near future. 
U21 Skier
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Oh Cri-me-a river, I watched the webcast of one of the coolest professional jump tournaments I've ever seen at this site last year. I for one am excited, war zone or not. If the Americans are too scared to show up (I doubt they are) then I guess it'll be easier for weekend warrior like myself to take home a title. If that's buying a gold, then it's a hell of deal.
Another U21 Skier
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^^ Dude Stop thinking about the americans and go grab a title with or without the americans........
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