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tried it this weekend both kiting and at the cable park , so far the freestyle kite version seems to be registering more tricks than the wake game , but I think it is a promising start to what could be one day a way to get rid of human judging ...

what do you think ? would you like to see it for trick skiing ? 

cheers from an old retired tricker ...

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Back in the early-mid 1960's, when Al Tyll was the #1 tricker, that was almost the case.
Since he was putting nearly 20 tricks in his runs, judges were tongue-tied, especially in
local tournaments.  Al would turn in a sheet of proposed tricks, including notations.  I
watched one judge trying to call his run circa 1964 (when he went >4000 pts), and it
turned into blub-glub-blub after 2 or 3 tricks.  To further complicate things, this was the
era when we still had ramp tricks.

Would end up with Al needing to consult with the judges, post-runs, at their request, so
they got it right.
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Nick, you are a LEGEND! I've seen a couple of my kiting friends using these as well and I was thinking the same thing. Sounds like a great idea to me!
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