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In case some of you aren't aware ZBS scoring has been approved for 2017 in the M3-10 and W5-10.  This means scores attained over max speed of the division will receive 6 extra buoys per speed increase.  Example if a Mens 3 skier runs 2.5@38/34mph and another Mens 3 skier runs 3@35/36mph the 3@35/36 wins.  
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That will be some fun for some of the guys that still like to mix it up between the speeds....
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Just saw the Southern Region is proposing to Rescind the ZBS change...  Nothing like the same people, keeping it the same way, and wondering why the sport is losing interest and people.  Glad they sport can continue to support the same select few people, really looking out for the bigger picture....
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Seems to put anyone skiing faster at a significant advantage.  No way there is 6 buoys difference once you get to 32 off and shorter.  Once you get to 38 and shorter the difference is probably more like 3.  Not a very well thought out rule. 
Big dawg skier
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Not let's really confuse anyone watching or trying to understand slalom. Wait one skier ran 1@41. The other 2@39. Winner is 2@39

Brilliant. Who comes up with this non sense.

So Jeff Rodgers can show up at nationals and run 2@41 off at 36 mph and the guy going 34 as mandated by the max speed set by IWSF and to win. The 34 mph skier has to run 3@43.

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WM, your scenario is impossible as of now, because ZBS is only available in Class C tournaments.  The Record sanctioned tournaments still have to follow International rules.
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JR, that is not correct.  ZBS has been approved for all AWSA tournaments for 2017. 
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ZBS is allowed in GR, F, C and E. L/R are governed by IWWF rules, which have not changed to ZBS scoring.
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I know what BS stands for. What's the Z ?
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@AB, there has been a lot written about ZBS but I think your comment is the best yet. 
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Skiers: Change god dammit, we want change!!!!!!!!!

[ZBS rule gets approved]

Skiers: We don't want change!!!!!!!!!
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We want change for the better. Not just sake of change. Handicaps in same division at nationals. Stupid
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What a pain for scorers and judges its going to be confusing and mistakes will happen for sure
New Skier
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 Just heard mandatory ZBS rescinded for classC only, the Board did right by the skiers, would like to see how our board voted, wouldn't you
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Just read about a transgender female (male undergoing hormone "therapy") dominating women's volleyball in Hawaii and a transgender female competing in girls wrestling in TX (and was dominant on her/his way to a state championship).  I guess allowing skiers to compete in the same division, above maximum speed for the division, even though there is no true known buoy differential between speeds and line lengths isn't the stupidest thing I've ever heard of a sport doing. 

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Why are you reading so much about transgender?
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@Hmmm, Do you read the news?  Transgender issues and stupid things Trump does dominate the headlines. 
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SS, if there is no difference, why don't you ski 36, ya big stud.
Big Dawg Skier, Jeff will kick you arse either way. Plus, except for him, most bd skiers are a pass better at 34, even though they tell you otherwise.
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@reality:  Please read AND comprehend.  Never did I say there wasn't a difference.  There is no true known buoy differential between speeds and line lengths. 

Does anyone really believe the buoy differential is 6 buoys whether you're going from long line to 15 off or 38 to 39.5 off or any point in between?  Well @reality, obviously you believe I'm a big stud but do you believe the differential is the same?  
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Yup. 5 1/2 -6
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@reality:  awesome, as a proponent of ZBS your WAG has only a 1/2 buoy variance.  Many Regional and National tournament placements have been decided by 1/2 buoy.  Still think ZBS is fair? 

In true REALITY the difference is probably 3-5 buoys between 28-35 off depending on speed.  Shorter line lengths probably 2-3.  Longer lines the difference may be 6-8.  That's my WAG. 

By no means am I right/wrong and by no means are you right/wrong.  That's the point: nobody knows the true buoy differential and therefore it is inherently unfair to have competitors within the same division compete with a variable max speed. 
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