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Tony Lightfoot
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From a Facebook Status update from June Fladborg:


Pretty much says it all - congrats to June. That's 188' BTW.

Tony Lightfoot
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Congrats to June. As one of the first Pro skiers to use SplashEye it's great to see SplashEye record her World Record Jump

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?What event at what site?
Is there a link to the scores?
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Awesome!! huge jump! 
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Cray Valley ProAm at Hazelwoods
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results at   Cray Valley

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Will see what the TC thinks of it... Seems very strange to me that someone would out jump their PB by 3 meters (over 10 feet)

It's like Freddy would jump 78m out of the blue.

All results for men are also showing personnal bests for many skiers by a very large margin (over 6 feet for most of them)

I can only be suspicious ... Shouldn't you be if tomorrow someone runs 2@45off ?!?
George Hazelwood
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Hazelwood Ski World hosted the World Record yesterday. Was definately a strange day with bad weather until 4pm. Then it got good and Lots of good scores. Suspicious should check that we had the world record here 2002 at Europeans. Les Todd drove. June has jumped a pb I think twice in the last month at 55 +. The homologation will be checked for sure and all we know at the moment boat,ramp and site were good. Powers that be have Splash Eye files to check it was a good reading. I think the low water temps helped too as its been cold here for a couple of weeks. Lastly June has trained here now for the last couple of years and loves this site.By the way Tom Asher got video and I guess will post when he gets sober !
RE: Strange
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Why be so negative!!! She didn't just do it out the blue! her scores have been around 53 and 56 for this whole year. The conditions were perfect. You ask any of the top 10 jumpers they will the you how she went so far! A very powerful 400hp Malibu, a new ramp, a perfect headwind and a SKIER ON FORM ALL YEAR! 

I can see how you may think that as you were not there to witness ( i assume), wait till you see a video.

I believe Feddy jumped 73m there last year and when he came of the water he said he wish he had a practice set before and he could of gone real big.
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I can trick around 9000 points can someone find me a site where I will score over 12000 ? This is the kind of improvement slalomers and jumpers get when they go to some locations why would tricks be any different ?
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What a stupid comment i just made. I don't know what i was thinking 
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tricker : Just go to Belgium or France
tricker maths
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Junes previous PB 55.1

New PB 57.4 = 2.3m improvement= 4%

So 9000 tricker that equates to you going somewhere and tricking 9360

Great jumping June - the float at the end is awesome
Math. 2
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So if someone tricks 12900 tomorrow or runs 5@43 it won't raise any suspicion ? That's only a 4% increase ...
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Why are the trick phags chiming in on jump records?
Awesome jump!  Hope to see it go through.
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Maybe we need a rule that says you can't beat an existing record or your own PB by more than 3%.

Seriously, I've seen many world records broken by huge amounts. I remember John Mondor jumping 187 to beat the old record of 180. And then Hazelwood beating that one with 194 (i think).  Then huge increases when the skiis got longer.

Slalom will be almost impossible to get big increases, because the record has almost been maxed out. (Will we ever see someone run 9.75 meters? ). Tricks will keep going up as more tricks are invented and the point values change.

Marc S
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Tricks is typically not an event you can blow your PB out of the water.

Jump, however, is an event that you can stumble into a huge jump by having everything click at the right time.  And if you've ever seen the way June cuts at the ramp, it was only a matter of time before she got her lift to go with her speed.  I had a 13' pb on 5.5 a little over a month ago, it just happens that way in jump sometimes.
Orange suit
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Can't wait for Fittzy to get out of jail coz the way he cuts it's only a matter of time before everything clicks and he beats Freddy's record ...
scot ellis
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The event was great !!
great head wind, boat, ramp and water

A jumpers enviroment and we all love it.

I will be back next year for sure !!

Great job June.   Looks like your next goal is 60m  200'
UK skiier
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when the conditions are right, people will go big, congrats to june she has put so much hard work in aiming for this over the last few years, a perfect headwind presented itself, the ramp at hazelwoods is amazing, the boat is absolutley brilliant and the water nice and fast, perfect environment for a jumper, and it upsets me people like strange try to cast a shadow on such a remarkable sporting achivement major congratulations on a well deserved pending world reccord

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I had a pb of 10 feet....its not impossible she just got a great jump.....looking forward to the video 
mike woodgate
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Court Jester
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Just wait...  Once they figure out that you can do with the Beebe ZO Model Q, a few jump records will be set this fall...

Ha ha ha ha - I kill myself!

court jester ??
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what are you on about ??

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Awesome site = Awesome jumping!!!

Damo, Zack & Dodd

Not a jumper
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Is the ramp flat or like a wakeboard kicker ?

Also wasn't ZO supposed to get a more constant pull and not haul the skier into the ramp ... On the video the boat sound like the good ole ski fly boats when Les used to wear his car racing suit ...
special Day
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To Make it even more special the boat was on LPG. how do you like them apples 
US Skier
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The Lake looks perfect! 
The Boat sounds amazing... and its on LPG! very powerful! 
Perfect Head Wind! 

All these videos make me want to have a go!! 

June has done the girls proud and i dont understand how people are bringing her down!! 


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Way to go June! This lady has it all and the best part is that she don't take life to seriously.
Looking for more please.

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Beautiful site - great tourney Hazelwoods!!!!

Fantastic job June!!  You've been working hard and it shows.  You get better every time I see you jump.  

Congrats Con't
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BTW, June,  I have to admit.....I thought the duct tape was a little crazy when I first saw you jump at Masters.  Jokes on me, it seems that it has kept your head in the correct position.  Way think out side the box.
jay dunne
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great leap june bug  lets see 200 soon 

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@Not a jumper - I guess you need to read the manual on ZO and reverse engineer their intent to find out that if you drop your letters a bunch, it does a speed check at the 52 m segment and realises that it is slow so, boink, it hammers the throttle to make the next 30 m segment!

Constant speed???  That's a joke.  My GPS (which had trouble finding the judging tower at the Nats) did clock a max speed (with a 57 KPH jumper) at 62.4 KPH.  I'm sure it could do better!  I also pulled a 54 KPH jumper and max'ed out at over 60 K!

No disrespect for June on an awesome jump or anyone else who went 3+ meters further than normal but because of the IWSF ruling on 3 segment timing for jump and ZO programming (not using GPS by the way until the 52 segment spot (which may or may not be /- 6 meters due to inaccuracies) where it does a check and with only 30 meters to make up the time, hammer that 6 liter, +400 HP engine to the ground.  The perfect condition...

You guys argue it out and test it out before you put your yap and bull crap on this thread.  You also have the new "power factor" to play with as well (hmmm haven't played with that much yet but I am sure it might be a factoid as well)....

OMG, Beebe would be in heaven with this flawed speed control system but in the end, the skier now has partial control of this by giving the driver the settings and I kind of like that concept.

Drop your letters gurlz - you will fly!



Ver NO!!!
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Please don't listen to verno, he doesn't know what he is talking about (as usual)!
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Check it for yourself... under the conditions stated by Vern he is right.
You guys have some kind of axe to grind with Vern but the guys logic and resoning are typically on the money.

Don't lose focus on the mis spelled word
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at 57 the boat will acellerate to 60 tops, it will not accellerate outside of the iwsf tollerance or ZO would not be aloud to be used for tournaments !!

Truth be known
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You go on with those beliefs!!
 ZO can be set up as close to the way Bebee ran his boats or can be set up to run flat line. Run the power factor on 2or3 you have a depressed situation slow to fast speed. Run on 4-6 a flater line speed as per the rules will exsist. but that is not what jumpers want. What jumpers want is the  slow fast situation that does not conform to the rules....

Congradulation any way to June . The Girl is a phenom and deserves every bit of it! She has worked hard and long for this record..  
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@VermNo... What! Have you finished grade school yet?  Get a spell checker you idiot!  By the way, you failed IWSF speed control 101 - doh - 60 KPH is way out of tolerance for 57 as well as the slow end for the first of the 3 segments which of course my GPS ignores as well as ZO.

@He_is_right...  I did realise the spelling but, it is the English way to spell the word!  The record apparently was set in England or basically in Euro land where the drivers have obviously figured out the Beebe factoid in ZO.

Because it is an US made product, obviously more acceptance than an East Coast Canadian invention so, whatever Corson thinks is right, must be right and given enough whine, Kuno will bless it...

Gawd, some of you guys are really naive - not you Hir....

Are we having fun yet?


Vern No
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Check again!
Who was the driver???....... i don't think he was form Europe..... 

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the driver was Lez Todd

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Vern, you're basically saying this jump wasn't legit. How could you know anything based on that youtube vid? Did it show the speedo? Path? Anything. The audible rpm swing doesn't tell you crap.
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and that boat will sound differnt to ones in the states as it runs off lpg, and every boat sounds different with different gas conversions, that boat,as commented on by other pro's runs brilliantly and within rules for sure !. well done june on a truley remarkable achivement

Vern No
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he cant say anything if the driver wasnt european, we all know his opinion on european drivers (rubbish)

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As usual VernO has an opinion on most posts of which ,the majority of people find them laughable . Keep them coming VernO we like a laugh especially the European Drivers  

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According to the rules being that ZO is an acceptable speed control for the IWSF, the jump was legit and I really don't care what you guys think and I am certainly not blaming the drivers albeit, they do have a say in the set-up for jump including the all inclusive "power factoid" but if I am correct, the skier can set that number (or not?). 

Anybody know what the 52M segment times were?  My guess is on the slow end of tolerance but then again, ZO is a virtual timing system and can bang them off within 100ths of a second constantly but as well, constantly slow on the 52 m segment.  At that point ZO says "Oops, time to pound that throttle" and the full 400+ HP, propane or gas, will provide unprecedented acceleration to the top of the ramp.

So, for a 54 KPH speed, my guess is that it was accelerating to 60+ on that jump.  The trick is for the skier to understand this principle and the harder they pull after that 52 segment point, the harder ZO is trying to make the goal line so that it can maintain the times.

If you understand Newton's law of inertia, you will understand that when you have both force and acceleration at the bottom of the ramp and possibly acceleration at the top, and you can handle the gravitational forces, you will go far!!!  And again, the lame brains that think that a headwind helps - dudes, it hinders as there is absolutely no proven (wind tunnel test) theorem on jump skis that act as aerofoils.

In my boat, I have both systems, PP and ZO.  Lucky me.  Most skiers cannot afford to buy a new boat to get ZO so they are using PP letters for ZO and, that is not right - back them off - try a G if you are an R jumper but freaking hang on at the 52 segment time!  Ha ha ha ha

Prove me wrong and I will eat my shoe!


late cutter
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maybe u should just bring it down and cut at er' is vern-o jealous of people with balls? I thing so
Ver NO
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"Most skiers cannot afford to buy a new boat to get ZO so they are using PP letters for ZO "  ... "try a G if you are an R jumper "

I hope they'll never let you drive any tournament! you really don't have a clue on how ZO works.

You should talk with all the pro and convince them to change from ZB ZC to B....good luck with that!

Revenue Canada
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VernO has Perfect Pass and Zero Off in his boat, therefore, VernO is wealthy.  We at Revenue Canada believe that VernO has likely not paid the appropriate duties on both systems; therefore, we hereby order and demand that VernO's boat be confiscated.  Houseboaters, you are now safe.

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