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Any tournament details such as schedule of events and running orders?   Anyone tweeting scores? 
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The Gold Rush format. Winners in each Division will be determined by accumulation of the highest scores from two rounds. So take your top scoring buoy total from two of the three rounds, or cumulative jump total with one jump from each round, and that's your tournament score. All placement ties, except first place, will be broken by going to your highest score from the third round. First place will be determined by a run off in slalom and going to meters in jump.
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Info on USA Water Ski has 3 rnds slalom and 3 jump. Should be some great scores. Shoreline is as nice as it gets.
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Excuse typo error in previous post. Should be Shortline.
Brian Detrick
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I will be tweeting the scores from the event. Follow me on twitter at brian_detrick

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Scores from Sac town

 Whitney McClintock 

 Whitney McClintock 
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What are the skiers thoughts on the new Centurion Carbon Pro?

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Record tourney with those scores....sounds like they like it! Good Slalom boat 'bout jump?

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Nate runs 1 at 43 to shut the door on the competition!  What happened in the womens' side?

canadian bacon
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remember someone saying that he was a beats in the gym , stronger than ever , pumped like crazy and that he felt confident to be on top all season ... 

oppps Freddy  whooping is sorry @ss by 20 feet every tourney and he can't even catch second ????? 

is it called life teaching you a lesson at being humble ?
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there is no one even close to Fred, nor ever there will be..... This Man "Freddy" has came from a family with little money and has worked hard for what he good luck coming close to the best jumper ever.  and i mean ever. The sad part is he does not get the respect that he deserves. and you boys can only wish what it is like doing it on your own.....
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if there ever was a person out there...Freddy is built to fly. I swear his bones are hollow. his float is unreal. i think that is the difference in the distances.  to see a jump event live is pretty cool.

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Congrats to Nate & Whitney for winning overall

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looks like the brunette needs to lay off the cookies

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sorry the above post was meant for the men's trick forum
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Which one? The Cookies one? Cause i have to agree she is looking pretty thick!

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Thats what the booze will do to a girl!

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that pix has been stretched by website software..

booze will bloat anyone, it doesn't discriminate. basically sugar water and ethanol...gross!.
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Thanks for the positive comments on here everyone. Looks like bashing is becoming the cool thing to do.

Freddy is launching some massive jumps, and as always, when he is on fire, he is tough to beat. I am working hard to catch him, and so are the others. Zack is also pumping out some big jumps, and we are still young. I'm in this for the long haul, and do my best every weekend. Freddy has another 10 years of winning events under his belt, and to be honest, he is amazing. This is nothing new.
Militia Gold Rush was a blast. Tons of huge jumps had by all, Freddy hit up a 236, Zack at 233, and myself with a pair of 230's. Lots of others with great jumps, and a new best by Critch. Pretty cool to see.

Everyone should be supporting us, and what we do. It's a big risk to lay yourself on the line weekend after weekend, and we love doing it.

Thanks to the organizers of the La Night Jam, and the Militia Gold Rush. Also a pre thanks to KOD organizer PJ for all his hard work. Thanks to all the sponsors, and all the judges, and especially the drivers for putting up with us.

Keep tuned in everyone, and look for some more  huge jumps. Freddy is killing it right now and with his new Night Jump Record of 240 we are all going to be bringing it down.

Thanks for the support, and keeping up with what we do.
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the young women of our sport are talented, strong willed, courageous and deserve the utmost respect. = a beautiful podium.
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Agreed! Good lookin Podium!

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Canadian Bacon and Yeah

     You guys are fools! keep talking Shi*t more fuel for the fire eh,
Fredd's been hot latley! Of course he is always going to be the man to beat. He is good. However, Who won the the Tour last year Dodd did right? Don't be running you're mounth saying freddy is unbeatable and beats everyone by 20 feet.
And if you didn't know Zack beat freddy last year for KOD.....
Damien won Moomba......

  Way to be Ryan showing them haters. Keep pushing the sport! Don't think anyone else is on a billboard in FL anywhere? Get some!
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 No one said he is unbeatable. he is getting old and that many sets wore the old man out.  Freddy will lose but he will also out jump anyone out there by 10-20 feet on any given day. Last i checked Freddy won 63% or 5 out of 8 of the Pro Tournaments last year.  Dodd 25% 2 out of 8.

"Fredd's been hot latley"    try for the last decade he has been hot.

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