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I'm wanting to start back jumping. Is there any consinces on jumpers across the board prefur? Are any more jumpers going to narrow split now a days?

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I expect the preferred path is a "split", or putting the boat centerline on the 17m line.
But, I hope some top jumpers can chime in:  Freddy, Ryan?  For starters, a jumper
might go just inside or outside the 15m buoy before taking a significant cut to the ramp.

In the back-back when, there were no spacing buoys.  I think that Roger Ray, one time
record-holder in Boys (110' at Nationals at Callaway Gardens) asked for the boat to run
25 ft. from the edge of the ramp.  Would now be like way inside the 15m buoy.

I was on the Technical Committee for many years, including some as Chairman.  We did
refine the jump course.  Think the first step was adding a 60 foot spacing buoy at the ramp.

Before that,  record holder Cecil Monnier used to ask for huge amounts wide of
the 45 buoy, knowing he might get just half of that.  His jump record in Senior Men was
121' at the 1972 Nationals.  Before the original Doc Morgan came along.

Doesn't sound very far, but there have been changes since then, notably with boat speed.
And, of course, the BIG jump skis.  Plus high-powered boats and fast 2nd segment.


E. J. Brazil

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I'd say the majority of the top end jumpers (at least the ones that I know) are all going around 2' wide of split.  

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