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I'm a collegiate jumper who's been getting mid-80's and am hungry for more, but am struggling with the whole cut through the ramp aspect. Im wanting someone to break it down as much as possible for me. Specifically:

How much edge can you carry into the ramp?
How much pressure should be on each foot?
Where does your body position need to be in terms of openness to the ramp?

I don't have a jump coach so just looking for a little help here
best advise
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You can go 80's doing a lot wrong.  

Go find a coach, or ski school, or just someone better than you.  They can be found at your local AWSA tournament.  People are more willing to help you learn if you ask them face to face.  Learn to do it right and safe.

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To answer your 3 questions

1-Your edge at the bottom of the ramp should be the hardest, carry this hard edge "through" the ramp.  Start real easy and end real hard thinking about progressively tightening the line more and more with each foot of distance travelled to the jump
2- 100% pressure on your right foot
3-You should not be open to the ramp, this means you are losing angle and increases your chance of going out the front

As you are edging in the jump focus on the bottom left corner and ski to that (but don't be too early)

Happy flying!!
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I'd suggest the top left of the ramp
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Top left of the ramp is old school thinking.  You cannot "ski" to the top left corner.  You can "ski" all the way to the bottom left, this keeps you on edge without thinking about the ramp and keeps you from letting up.

Like golf- concentrate on the swing and not the impact.....
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