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I was jumping around 100ft without a jump sling and just got one. I have no idea how to use it. Any help
scot ellis
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well for starters make sure you put it on your right arm and go out and ride your skis

it will feel a bit weird at first

to help with your landings make the arm hole big
as you get use to it   make the hole smaller
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Refer to the lower post about rope load.  RG told me to do the same thing to get used to how a sling is supposed to feel.

My biggest problem isn't using the sling cutting to the ramp, but its the riding away without getting pulled over.

I've been told its a combination of not landing over my toes enough, and not getting free enough of the boat.  I'm only a 70'-75' right now.

Too bad there's no drills for practicing landing.
been there
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Not to scare you, but have/learn good fundamentals & make sure you are  letting go only w/your LH. If you have ever had the tendency to let go with your right(i.e show ski background) be cautious & break that bad habit.
As a rule of thumb, as you glide towards a landing let your left hand off & hold your left palm horizontally at your hip level to the left side of your body, It;ll square your body & prepare you to land.

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