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Not really a jumper
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What is the rule for jump ropes? Do I have to have at least a piece of spectra rope or handle (made from spectra rope) is enough?
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This is the applicable Rule.  Looks like you could show up with a towline made out of clothesline?!  Safety Director probably wouldn't approve, though.

AWSA Rule 9.16(g):
"Skier Furnished Jump Towline and Handle: The contestant may furnish his own jump towline and handle, for which he is entirely responsible. The contestant's towline and handle may be of any material which must comply with the dimensions for total length in the Appendix (23m +/- 30cm)."
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So no spectra rope needed at all? I thought the rule was that you have to have at least a little piece.
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IWSF rules used to be interpreted that if you just had all standard poly rope in your jump rope, you needed to use the tournament provided rope. This was to save time assuming all poly ropes were the same. Some skiers that wanted to use their own rope put a bit of spectra in it so they wouldnt have to use the rope provided.

Now you can use whatever you want

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All Polypro is not created equal. Great they finally opened it up for skier's choice. My Masterline(Made in USA) is definitely far better quality than the Chinese junk that all the other companies sell. That stuff wears terribly and is to stretchy. You can add spectra if you want, but from my experience, it's not really needed unless you are going 180 or more. Even then, it's a matter of opinion and jump style. With spectra you don't get the snap from the rope at the ramp. Good Polypro you can load into bottom and you get energy back from the recoil as you are coming off ramp.
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