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2017 Masters jump champion Ryan Dodd with a huge 74.1 M - 243 feet !!
Ben Verhagen
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Originally Posted by canuck
2017 Masters jump champion Ryan Dodd with a huge 74.1 M - 243 feet !!
I heard nothing from the announcers on Freddy scratching! Nothing on the Masters website either. ?? Just sore from yesterday's crash, or something more serious?
Me too
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Hard to believe they wouldn't allow the 5th place qualifier to compete in his place. Does he get 4th without skiing? Do they realize how much that took away from the jump event, especially without any clarification? Awesome jumps, but still anti-climatic
former skier
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Please get back to what's important in life ...
Did Freddy get to ride the Boat Parade on Sunday ? 
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The announcers did say at the start of the event that Freddy had withdrawn. After that crash he's likely very sore. Too bad. I was looking forward to the Dodd/Freddy battle.

I agree on moving Igor up to make 4 jumpers.
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My webcast locked up EXACTLY when the first men's jumper skied off the dock. Does anyone know where video of Ryan's 243' can be found. Hate that Freddy got spanked because he scratched. Nice to see him get spanked anyway, though.....
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@me too you're not very clever.. He deserves 4th place, made it through to the finals.. You can't take that away from somewhere regardless of competing in the final or not...

*note one year Tgas hurt his back and they made him ski and back for no reason in the final.. just to score 0.
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I don't think he meant that as a slam. I think he just meant it took something away from the "show" on Sunday....but, it's pretty rare that something like that happens. 
me too
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Did he get 4th?
me too
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On the Masters final results they do have him in 4th, with a score of 0.  Like was said, I'm not knocking the Nightmare at all, but it made the final event and amazing jumping by Dodd seem pretty low key.  Will be fun to watch them battle this year.
simple rules
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Freddy earned his spot into the finals by jumping  beating the rest of the field , if anyone else wanted a spot in the finals they should just have jumped further to make the cut period ...

Would be be having the same crap here if he'd done 3 cut and pass or been knocked out cold on the first jump ? 

scot ellis
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Freddy stretched his lower abs and groin.  He tried to jump but pulled out last minute.
I am not sure the announcers know much about his injuries. 
Masters Jumper
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The question is why did he finish in 4th place when TGas had to get up on the ski and return to the dock to ski in the finals for 4th place?  Why is there a difference between slalom and jump?
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has to be a bit or a lot concussed that impact is huge
Old skool
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Master jumper, that's because old school senior judges make up rules that don't exist. Don't have to ski the next round to make your score count.
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