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Building a boathouse on new ski lake.  Anyone know what the magic number of inches above full pond the band board needs to be on the dock to avoid backwash?  I am going to use 4x6 post 8' between post with 2x10 band boards.  Boathouse will be 56' long at mid course.  I don't want to be so high off the water that it is difficult to get in the boat  but I don't want to be so low to the water that the wave goes over the top of the dock in the boat house or that I get a roller back in the lake from the 2x10 band board.

I will be installing the band boards later this week.  I was thinking of putting the bottom of my 2x10 band board 10" above full pool.

Any Advice on this?


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You need to decide where your high water line is and how much water u have flowing through your lake. For example my lake has a pipe for full pool, but an over flow spillway to handle a lot of water that is higher than my pipe. My boat house is approx 25 inches above full pool. But in heavy rain fall I have had water over the top of my walkway in the boat house. If you don’t have a lot of water flow through your lake this may not be a problem. Feel free to contact me if you need more info
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10" would be low around here.  I'd be more used to about 16" above water, but you could easily have a lower area around the boat well for normal access to the water.  
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The top of deck boards would be 20-3/4”. The bottom of the 2x10 band board would be 10” above the water at full pond. I’m trying to figure out how high the wave would be from a slalom boat. Just wondering if it would hit the band board and send any rollers back in the course. No’s sure how much of a roller it would throw if it only hit 2-3” on the bottom of the 2x10. I put the bracing for the post 2’ below full pond. Just trying to figure out the mechanics of the boat wakes and where they are above and below water and try to avoid causing backwash. Never really thought about paying attention to it over the years at other lakes but now I wish I had studied it.
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I would think higher the better w reason. Think of how large the waves are when for example the boat is slowing down to pick up a fallen skier. I would think only 10 inches would give u some back wash. Or if u have some trickers or even pulling kids at a slow speed which can kick up a large wake that may wash anything off your low dock. Exactly how high the dock should be is a guess. No perfect number.

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Not so high that us old people have to jump down to get in the boat....
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That’s what I’m trying to figure out. The sweet spot height over water that would be as low as possible without causing backwash.
clamp it?
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I think I would just stick a few T-Posts in where you plan to put the boat house and see what works and what doesn't by clamping a board across it.

Something to consider as well is if it will be subject to local zoning code being on a private lake or not.  Around here each county has different ordinances and if the water has a spillway into a public river you might be subject to them - you might be subject to them anyway,

some counties define minimum height off water from normal high water mark, some are mute on that point.

I still think your best bet is a higher boat house floor ~2' off the water so it stays  nice and dry and that you can go under it if needed with out scuba tanks.  With then a lower pier possibly adjustable in height for starting/stopping.  This is a really common format.
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