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Has anybody had experience jumping on air nevilles? Has anybody had them break?  I would appreciate if you could share your experiences.
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There's probably a reason Obrien doesn't make jumpers anymore

rod olson
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I have seen alot of ads needing one air neville because one broke.  I had a pair from 2003-2005, the tapered area on the curved tip had alot of air bubbles in the glass, and I had to go over them with resin a couple of times, not sure if water would have got in there or not.  Also I had two bad crashes, and some of close calls, when it was windy, especailly side winds, the tips would do some weird things, almost like the air wasn't going over them in the correct way.

Jumpers are a big investment, I have Goodmans now, and they are awesome. Go with a company that backs them.
If you look at what everyone else is jumping on you'll see that Goodman, Connelly, and D3 lead the way.  Not only do I like the Goodmans, I can also email or call the guy who actually  makes them.
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Rod there is some interesting reading on Ron's website about the aerodynamics of jump skis and the problems with shaved tips....that may explain what you are talking about...........jim

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