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Robert B
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Anyone know what is going on with Fitts and his rehab.  Did he get into any legal trouble and what was the result?  How are his spirits these days?

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Why does this come up nearly on a quarterly basis? 

Read the previous threads on it, then derive whatever truth is really in there.  OR, pick up the phone, get on your computer and email/facebook, and find out from him or someone that actually knows him and what is going on, not a bunch of haters that are going to get on here and spread their "knowledge" when they don't know much at all.  If you care about him, then he likely cares about/knows you, and would likely love to hear from some familiar faces and voices.  This is just opening another opportunity for the haters, and it's getting old.

You will call me hater
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Just because there is a difference of opinion and just becasue you dont like it or agree, stop all conversation
Hide the facts
Hide the shame
hide everything and deny it all and everything will be Ok
Feel better now?
Grow up
What makes you so right what makes your aspect better or more correct than anyone elses

Robert B
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i don t personally know Fitts, but loved to watch him jump. so as a fan of the sport, like most of us reading ski fly, I would like to know what is happening with fits. I don't know where he lives and I don't feel like he would care to hear from a stranger. So, the question still stands. .... Any one know what is happening with Fitts?
me too
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I second the above, 

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so "Robert B" and "me too" then the only thing you need to know is that you will never see Ryan hit a ramp ever again ... 

me 3
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skier, I'll decide what I want to know. If Ryan never hits a jump again it's jumpings loss. The question at the top of this thread remains.

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Yes, why all the secrecy?  I can assume it is legal problems, which not relevant to this thread.  I believe what Robert B is asking is simply how he is doing.  Is he walking?  Is he through with all his surgeries?  Is he working?  I see nothing wrong with this question.  It seems that some are afraid to talk about Fitts, or they are trying to protect him. 

Me too aka Josh Sprat
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Skier,! Don't asume to tell me or anyone what  we need to know.  That coment is like  to pissin in the wind.  It gets all over you.  Its a dang simple question with a simple answer.  He may not jump agian.HEll we all might not jump again. 

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Kevin shimek will never jump again either so think before you all speak
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Does anyone know whats happening to Ryan????

Bite your tongue
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Better not ask that question, the last person that did got his head ripped off, despite a lot of people would like to know
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There are a lot of "fans" that would like to know truly how he is doing.  This question has been posted by others in the past.  Mr. Why,  -Why not.  I see nothing wrong with someone in the know to let us know how Fit's is doing.  I don't know the family or have a phone number to ask, so I see nothing wrong with this thread.  Mr. Why - because you seem to be so secretive about the whole thing, you are the one feeding the beast.  You are the problem.

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When someone asked about Kiwi's recovery on this message board people were more than happy to update the skiing community on his progress, why not the same for fitzy?
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Fitz young drunk driving killed another person

kiwi crashed otb jumping

thats the comparison

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Well, how about the family of the victom and Fitts? Fair question!

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Duh---you are a duhmass. Just shut up. You're comment was stupid!

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saw Ryan at a tournament this summer. He was there and nothing secret about his whereabouts. Talked to him and if you want to know anything ask him, not on this thread. I/ve got his number and alot of people know what is going on, just not putting it out there on the skifly network. It is just people like Mr.Duh that wants to speculate and make things sound bad. Just look at his comment. That is why we talk to Ryan not this thread so people can twist things. The guy had something like 15 operations and his legs,hip and insides were messed up. You want to know something, do it the right way man. Here it from the person. Many of us know, but we respect the Fits and Kevin's family, to not wag our tongues. Believe me alot of us know what is going on and choose not to comment . Thank God some don't know.

my view
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This was a terrible tragedy and no matter what happens in the future, "there are no winners". Someone is going to be hurt more, someone will be hurt less, someone will have closure, someone will not have closure, someone ask for forgivness, someone will not forgive, someone will go on to be a better person, somone will not go on, someone will find peace, someone will not find peace, someone will have friends to stand by them, someone will lose friends who will not stand by them, Time will only tell the story. God Bless both of these families and may they find peace,hope,forgiveness and love.

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there is a chain of events that led to unfortunate result. I am sure that more than one person along the way could have stepped in or done something to prevent it - including but not limited to the server(s) and establishment.

@ remember
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stop trying to blame anyone for someone's actions alone ... when did people stop being accountable for their own behavior , this is what is wrong with america ...

I get drunk and do something stupid ? let's blame the bar , the alcohol manufacturer , the people who served me , the car manufacturer , the person who designed the road , the person who planted the tree that I hit , the ER response team that arrived one 1 minute too late ... let's blame the entire world but not me ...

start taking responsibility for once ...
ur right
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other countries are so much better on this matter... oo yeah u have no idea how they deal with it.....
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@remember,Who said he does not blame himself? People like you are the ones that start up crap and don't know what the hell is going one. Have you talked to Fittzy? Didn't think so. So your comment is just like someone said "pissing in the wind" You want people to think he blames everyone and everything else, but himself and that is not true. So where do you get your information from? Just stay off this thread if you have not talked to the source itself and making comments on pure speculations. It is sickening to read comments from people that have no idea what is going on. When you start blaming others,establishments,servers,cars,roads,bars, and on and on you are after MONEY and not anything else. 

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Just a FYI. Ryan is not blaming anyone or anything else for this. He has taken responsibility for his actions and anyone that knows him, knows what has been going on the past years. All I know and this is a FACT, it is the other party that is blaming the restaurant, servers, and people that were not even in the wreck. Like TEX said, it is the money. That what's makes this so bad. NOT RYAN doing the blame. Need to get off his back, He has manned up along time ago and excepted responsibility, but these pinheads write about stuff they don't even know. Check the other party's motives.  

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ok you get the lecture : firstly what's wrong is a society that systemically pushes booze. high school, college, sporting events. all to the the biggest crooks > the owners of the alcohol companies. this is a highly addictive substance that YOU - yes 95% of are hook, line and sinkered on.

just like fish you've snagged the lure. 

I can think of no positives other than pure & selfish  self-indulgence that alcohol consumption has brought to me. Only a litany of bad things including car wrecks in which we were lucky to walk away from.

hook line and sinker.

blame king tut
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and the ancient Egyptians, alcohol has been around for many millennium. 

take your time machine back to the days of prohibition, when there was no internet!

Another Tex
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Hey Tex and Fact,
Heed your own advice and shut your pie-holes. You say "the other party" is out for money. You know this for a fact? I say their action is because of the needless loss of a son. I say the pain and anguish is something you have no clue about. Maybe their suit against the rest, servers, etc. is to punish everyone and anyone that had the slightest bit of involvement. It's easy to say that taking it that far is wrong, but unless you've walked in their shoes, you have no idea what they're going through.
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I never knew the other people were suing the restaurant,servers, and wanting to purnish everyone and anyone that had the slightest bit of involvement. OMG !!

mee too
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I was always made to believe it was Fittxy doing all the suing and blaming others. Now I see what is really going on. Thanks another Tex for the info.

Another Tex
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The point was about suing because of pain, not for money like you idiots claim. You idiots said they're suing the rest and servers. Do you even read the crap you post?
so who?
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So who is suing the restaurant,servers, and everyone and anyone else that had the slightest envolvement?

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Read the post from Tex. I'd say Tex is.
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It ain't about the money...I'd be so po'd and want every one of those that had a chance to break the chain of events to be "scared" (if that's the right word), or shaken up to know that if probably any of them did something/anything to break the chain of events, a tragedy may have been avoided. Not resolving those in the car, but anyone might have stopped what happened. sad. 
Maybe it will cross our minds the next time we see a friend in a position that could lead to a drunken wreck. Suggest someone else drive, or take 'em home. Hope it helps someone down the road.
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Got it. Money will not stop the pain. Revenge will not stop the pain. Not even Justice will stop the pain. Only forgiveness. I did not say forget, I said forgiveness. Big flip-flop here since everyone knows it is not Fittzy doing the blaming thing. I knew Fittzy stood up to his own actions. He always did even as a kid, in college, and now as a man. Never ran from anyone or anything. And now some people think it is OK to blame rest.,servers,owners,cars,roads,trees and everything else for pain. Pain and suffering will kill you,too. Don't tell me I have not walked in their shoes, I have. You can not get back what is lost or gone. But good memories and forgiveness will keep you alive.

no moola
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Can't get money from Ryan/he is flat broke $$. So the hunt was on to find people with money and get some. So the money will stop the pain Mr.another Tex?

hrd thur th grapevine
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His medical and legal bills may get paid off in the year 2090 or 2099. Took him off the radar and others were shot with the radar.

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huh?? don't get it..I do get that this thread should be respectful and tasteful for all involved and treated with sensitivity. I don't think there is anything wrong with trying to find out how Ryan is doing as well as others.

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Yes, I don't know Ryan, but prayed for him and all the families involved.  I would love it if he would post and tell us all what's up and can he even walk?

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Since when has Ryan taken responsibility for his actions?! He RAN from the cops as soon as the warrant for his arrest was filled for the DWI and death of Kevin Shimek...and he is having his attorneys still file more and more stays and not pleading guilty to something he OBVIOUSLY did. TO ME THAT IS NOT OWNING UP TO HIS ACTIONS. Answer me this people...if you son, daughter, mother, father, whoever died...what would you do?! WOULD YOU WANT JUSTICE? Also, Ryan was going over 100mph that night when he hit a tree and put not just his life in danger but everyone else's on the road. I could care less if he is the best skier in the world...he will never ski again and he shouldnt have been there in the first place....this was not Ryan's first DWI and his license should have been taken away a LONG time ago. Ryan needs to plead guilty and let his family and friends finally get some PEACE...this happened in 2009 and its 2012! 
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Sounds like it is getting about time for the motion to dismiss on constitutional speedy trial grounds. Let me say that until you sit in the jury box and listen to all the evidence, you have no clue what happened. And even then, all 12 of you may still not agree whether or not a crime was committed, and if you do, you may not agree on which one(s). All you know is what you have heard or you have read, which surely is only one side of the story, and is likely unreliable.

Sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes.

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^Doubt that will happen. Ryan's lawyers are the ones who keep stalling, MAN UP FITZY and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU DID. THERE ARE FACTS...YOU GOT IN A CAR AFTER DRINKING AND YOU GOT IN A WRECK AND YOU KILLED KEVIN AND INJURED YOURSELF AND OTHERS....TRUE STORY. Quit trying to find ways to get out of what you did! 
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 neither had a seat belt on and would be a different story if so. Courts are for individuals to go through due process.  Seems you live in a distorted field of reality and only accept things that suits your mental state.  

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great comment fact that is why most u you dumb ass vote for obama

Big Tex
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I ain't got much to say here
wrong again
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It was not Fittsy lawyers that were stalling. It was the DA not ready. Wrong again just like you must have voted for Obama. Have you gone to any of the court dates? Didn/t think so. If you had you would have known what was going on. Please it is going to be ugly no matter what. You think if the book is thrown at Ryan that the Kevin's family will be at peace. No, it will not happen because they need to forgive him. Ryan's life taken away will not replace Kevin. Going to jail on my tax dime will not  make him a better person. He needs to do something productive to help other people not to do what he did. People do change and I believe there is good in everyone. Hateing people makes you sick andwill kill you.  Can you see beyond the smoke? 

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 Hey Ironic:  you are a mean person. So sad

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I have heard of some cruel things to say but I have never in all my life heard anything so heartless as to accuse someone of actually voting for Obama.  How could you even say that!?  You should be ashamed.

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Ryan plead guilty to Kevin's murder. The judge is deciding between 5-30 years for sentencing. I feel for Ryan and his family for what this tragedy has brought on. I do not know him, but Kevin is apart of my family and he was the most amazing beautiful person I will have ever know. He cared about everyone and his smile just made you smile. I look at what happened and see both sides of the suffering. I want to blame Ryan for what happened, I am angry at him for what he did, I am disturbed that this was not his first dwi, and I just want him to feel the same pain that our family has felt. As a human being I feel all of these things, but as a Christian I know I must forgive him. Ryan was Kevin's friend and Kevin would not want all this gossip going around if he were alive. We just wanted justice for what happened that night. By Ryan for the first time in court taking responsibility for what happened was all we wanted. Once again all we wanted was justice for what happened to Kevin.
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Both not wearing seat belts. Chose to ride with him. All had been drinking. Don't forget that. The others blood alcohol level was off the chart also. So Ryan gets all the blame. He did not make them ride with him, he did not get them drunk. You see it was him driving, could have been Kevin driving,Thomas driving,or Bobby. I don't believe Thomos,Bobby or Ryan's family would have done to Kevin's family what has been going on to Ryan's family. It was a horrible accident and a horrible thing happened, but I know Ryan and he is a GREAT PERSON and would never intend to hurt anyone.

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How cruel you are. It was not a MURDER> How stupid. It was an accident. He did not go out to murder Kevin. That was a stupid statement and very unfair to Ryan. How in the world can you say such a horrible thing. It was not a murder dumass

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