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I turned 60 last month. Five years ago I was done skiing, and walking on anything but flat ground was close to impossible. Right knee was swollen, and had been scoped once. 

Went out to Regennex in Denver, had the week long stem cell treatment.  They also injected some stem cells into my lower back to address some sciatica.

Yr 1: Within 3 months I was snow skiing, and water skied that summer with reasonable pain.  Skied in nationals (with torn rotator cuff).  Was able to pheasant hunt, but stairs and ladders were no bueno.  Sciatica cleared up.

Rotator cuff was 65% tear.  Rehab didn't work. Talked to a number of guys out here in PNW and all had good luck with stem cells for that.  Went to Regenexx clinic in Hood River, got stem cells in shoulder in Sept.  By January completely healed, and remains perfect to this day. Out of curiosity, paid $400 to have ultrasound on shoulder to confirm healing.  You can see complete fill-in where you could see the tear before.

Yr 2: By end of snow ski, both knees hurting pretty bad.  Went to Hood River, got a PRP booster shot in both knees and saw sufficient improvement to allow water ski. Hunting season ok, snow ski ok.

Yr 3: water ski ok, but halfway through snow ski both knees got really bad. Locking up and swelling.  Had them both scoped after snow ski. Still have cartilage in both, but both joints full of chips of cartilage and one big flap in left knee.  Surgeon says I'll probably get through water ski, but metal knees are in my future.  Decide to do Cayman Island regenexx stem cells, so head over there in April for bone marrow draw.

Didn't recover well from second scope. Barely walking on flat ground.  Went to Hood River, got PRP, almost instant improvement to bearable. Water ski, but gets worse through summer to unbearable at end. Both knees swollen, can't sleep, 6 passes every other day max.

Yr4:Head back to Cayman in late September for injection of stem cells cultured over summer from bone marrow.  Facility and doctors top notch, but reinjection and mainly flight home not for pussies.  Should have brought wife with me so I could have zoned out on painkillers for 20 hrs of travel back to Spokane.

Doc says I'm grinding my cartilage up because all the ligaments in my knees are either stretched out or scarred up from lifetime of abuse.  So they injected all ligaments in multiple points along each ligament, drilled hole in my kneecap and injected it, plus cartilage injections, plus sciatica injection.

Both knees were size of cantaloupe for about a month.  Hot to touch. Hurt like a bitch. Late October, they were back to normal size and cooled off.

Last Sunday, Dec 9, while out hunting, I found myself running through a stubble field chasing my dog. Surprised hell out of me and my dog. Can do squats without pain, up stairs without pain, bike ride without pain, downstairs still a twinge. Sciatica mostly gone. So, we'll see what snow ski season brings, but this is the best I have felt in years.  Not going to go play soccer or start running again, but if I can ski and hunt I'm good with all the effort and expense.

On another vector, I've had great success with PRP for skiers elbow and patellar tendonitis.

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Dude, you’re a wreck. What’s prp

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Platelet Rich Plasma

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Could be a typo. All those stem cell treatments are just to PRoP him up!
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Slalom, long term is torture on the body.  It creates a diagonal chain of traumatized muscles from the back foot, through the pelvis, spine and right up to the neck. 

This imbalance twists the pelvis which causes the sciatic joint to distort, lumbar issues and back issues etc.  Every slalomer will get back issues 100%.

Now the intensity of the sport is really high, so the muscles will choke themselves of blood supply eventually, going into a state of dysfunction. This is the reason the joints get hammered and go south - bad & chronic mis-alignment.

Have to transition into cardio or extended (>45mins) activity that promotes blood circulation to restore the tissues.  Also IMS needling, the hyperice -hypersphere, and working with a good PT/ trainer. 

Give up the slalom ski, switch to trick, combos, anything to avoid the foot forward posture (or switch legs). Work on posture. 

PRP might just be a symptomatic band-aid if the above is not addressed. 

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You make so much sense until  "give up the slalom"...haha. We're junkies always looking for that next fix of tight turn and rocket to the other side!
I definitely have to try to do more circulation, and straightening out of the body though. Good points. 
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I quit jumping. Not going to quit riding the single ski. I have found that even a couple of minutes of stretching the bad elbow before and after a set has a surprisingly powerful impact on skiers elbow. But waiting to implement this a month into the season after it has started to get bad can fool you into thinking it is not working.

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I've found a curved (bent) handle goes a long way to eliminate elbow pain ,much more natural grip position  .
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Even better is the Masterline ERGO with bent handle and curved ends. Totally eliminated Tennis Elbow and they last a long time.
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Get the hypersphere from Hyperice. I am still leaning on slalom hurt from this past summer with that thing. However the heavy cycling 100+mi/week that I do "lights up" the slalom chain. 

Running on the other hand is all good. I am doing a 100-runs-in-100-days challenge right now. Over 300+ miles of running. Will see how long I last!

I love skiing more than anything, but I also have worked hard on rehab, not the mention $$. The minute I step on the ski and ripping turns it all goes backwards. What can I say?

After 30 years of busting sets nearly every day during the summer, I can't expect this 70 year-old body to keep up. Who do I think I am? Dave Miller 😉?  

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Tried snow skiing right before Christmas.  First two runs ok, then lots of pain.  Quit after 4 runs.  Next day very sore.  Pain lasted for a week.  Never swelled up or got hot though.

Super bummed.

Called regenexx doc, who told me "3 months recovery is not enough.  Don't ski for another month, do a bunch of hamstring exercises and butt exercises".

Jan 8 back to better than before ill-fated ski attempt.

Came across "axial decompression" exercise for knee cartilage regeneration on interwebs, claimed almost "miraculous" results.  Been doing it for about week and a half.  I'm becoming convinced it is miraculous, but time will tell.  It for sure decreases pain almost immediately.
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In your condition you need sustained blood circulation through low-level, but @tempo activity. In other words constant motion activity for more than 45mins to 1 hour at a time.  To goal is to open the little pipes and make sure O2 rich blood flows to all tissues.

This will actually rebuild and restore what you have left.   

Nordic skiing for a couple of hours = perfect. 

Then to address imbalances you'll need to see a good PT @ the gym at least once a week. I'd get an assessment, interview etc, then go at it twice a week for 3 months. It would be just body weight and like trx-yoga-fusion thing. Should be a variety  of movements addressing leg and core issues. Hypervolt gun/rehab and stretch sessions. Then some upper body too no doubt. 

I would stay off all anaerobic for a year or two.
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^^^^^^ & I should know, that is what I did 😉

I'm also 30% through my 100runs/100days challenge in sitting in top 75 
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