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scot ellis
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watch it live
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Dodd is in beast mode. 
Info Seeker
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Any running orders or results posted anywhere?
The Clown
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How long has this tourney been in the works? It's got $24,000 in prize money, and nobody but a few skiers in attendance. It's nice for the pros to get some money, but i think it's missing the point a bit. 
It seems like the sponsor is just doing it for fun. If you've got a sponsor like that, why not try to put it somewhere that might have more of a crowd?  Nice video, and announcing from Tony. 
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What do you mean you lunatic?!
1- That tourney has been going at least 7 years
2 - just about every pro-jumper was in attendance, plus another 30 odd ams
3 - Des was announcing

Organisers & skiers dont always want tournaments at some dodgy site with the a croud...

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I watched it. If there were 10 people on site that were not skiers or family members, i'd take a recount.  I know the jumpers were all there, and am not trying to knock the event. It just looks like you have a great sponsor, plenty of skiers, and it could be quite a showcase event with some crowds. 
George Hazelwood
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Kind of suprised to come accoss this post. The Stokes Pro Am sponsored by JKPhillips group has been held every year since 2008. The site is not a public site but we have about 500 people on site watching who all know the sport. The Webcast went out both days and was seen by a lot of people as it was widely promoted in the skiing and boating community. It will never be a big crowd event but the Pro's get to earn money in a safe environment and the amateurs always get motivated to train and compete for the event. If there were a few more events like this the sport would be healthier in my opinion. Big crowd events are awesome as well but we are not competing with those events. 
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