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I'm not Phil
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This is a DVD produced by Phil Yastrow who you may know from Laku ski lake in Colorado. 

He put some killer music tracks down to accompany video of some of the world's best athletes at the 2002 US Open. (They were killer before 2002 anyway[wink])

Phil was the US Open tournament Technical Coordinator.  At the end of this video is a solicitation for donations to the AWSA Western Region TC fund.  That was 16 years ago!  If you are inclined to donate now, go to and watch another of Phil's cool videos on MS and then donate to curing Multiple Scelerosis.

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Thanks for posting this long lost video Jay!   Awesome 2002 Nationals at the height of my officiating carreer!! It rained harder than at any other Nationals, I would have to say.  BTW instead of the rain, I would have rather had those pesky fire ants the whole Lago crowd eradicated the early summer 2002.  

Smilin' Phil

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